Women's Circle

Monthly Women's Circle

Each month we host a women's circle which offers women a safe place to come together in friendship and support. It is a place for all of us to check in with ourselves and others with the intention of reflecting and refocusing our minds, bodies, and souls for the coming month. This monthly group meets once a month on a Monday evening from 6:30-8:30.  Dates and locations for each meeting will be posted in our Facebook Events page, please follow us and check back frequently to stay up to date on our monthly circle events!

Price: $10

$10 monthly dues to help us cover art supplies and general expenses of the group which include periodic fees for use of space.

Yearly Membership

2020 memberships are now available! 
Benefits Include:
-12 monthly Women's Circles (Jan-Dec), this works out to  2 free Women's Circle Events each year!
-10% Discount on all retreats, workshops, or classes.
-One Free Creating Mindfulness Sponsored MeetUp Activity each year!

Memberships are good for the calendar year Jan. 2020-Dec. 2020

Approximate Schedule:
  • Arrive, meet and greet.
  • Circle up and check in with the group using a single word to represent how you are feeling and/or your intention for the coming month.
  • A short (3-5 min) Guided Mindfulness meditation to help us relax and center.
  • Creative Exercise, this could be a small written or visual journal prompt, it could be moment to walk and observe, to photograph (cell phone photography is fine), It could be brief movement exercise, or another type of creative exercise with a mindful intent.
  • Closing.



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