Welcome to Creating Mindfulness. We are glad that you are here. We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves to you and tell you a little about what we do.
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We spend our days in a routine. We become desensitized to our surroundings and our own powerful capabilities. From time to time it becomes necessary for us to stop and re-center ourselves. We need to recharge our creative energies and slow our selves down a little to notice the many blessings that surround us daily. 

Creating Mindfulness is about merging your innate creativity with a practice in mindfulness. We use a variety of techniques to practice mindfulness including guided mindfulness meditations, journaling, and creative play. For our purposes we consider meditation as anything we reflect on and art as anything we create. It is our belief that all humans are innately creative beings who derive energy, joy, and peace from the creative process. We know that many people do not consider themselves to be creative, but if you stop to take notice you will find that you are engaged in creative activity on a daily basis, weather it is doodling on you notes from a meeting, or finding a unique resolution to a problem at work. We also believe that your creative juices can be fed and nourished with purposeful and mindful activity. It is our mission to help you to connect with you own inner creative energy and to reflect mindfully on all the many blessings that fill your day.

We are not affiliated with any religion but we welcome each and every person to bring their own beliefs and spirituality with them to their practice. We encourage you to come to our classes and retreats with an open heart and mind, ready to focus on you!



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