Creating Mindfulness is about merging your innate creativity with a practice in mindfulness. We use a variety of techniques to practice mindfulness including guided mindfulness meditations, journaling, and creative play.

It is our belief that all humans are innately creative beings who derive energy, joy, and peace from the creative process. 

We know that many people do not consider themselves to be creative, but if you stop to take notice you will find that you are engaged in creative activity on a daily basis, weather it is doodling on you notes from a meeting, or finding a unique resolution to a problem at work. We also believe that your creative juices can be fed and nourished with purposeful and mindful activity. It is our mission to help you to connect with you own inner creative energy and to reflect mindfully on all the many blessings that fill your day.

What we Offer:

Our women's circles meets each month for a short pause to reflect, connect, and create. These two hour meetings are $10.  Consider becoming a yearly member! Click here to find out more...
The general agenda:
  • 15 min meet and Greet
  • 30 min topic discussion
  • 5-10 min meditation
  • 45 min creative play and socialize
  • 15 min clean up
These are fun events we host from time to time around town. They are not a formal meeting and families/friends are welcome to attend. Any cost associated will go directly to the event and not to creating Mindfulness. Discounts offered for yearly members!

Co-ed workshops hosted a few times throughout the year. Workshops are generally 3 hours, prices vary. These workshops will focus on a specific topic or skill. Past topics have included, Creative Self-Care, Vision Boards, and art workshops.
Discounts offered for yearly members!
The general agenda:
  • 15 min meet and greet
  • Short 15 min meditation and introduction
  • 2.5 hours focused on topic
8-9 hours, $95 (Subject to change). This yearly Women's Retreat is a full day to focus on you!
Discounts offered for yearly members!
The general agenda:
  • 30 min Meet and Greet with light snacks offered.
  • 1.5 hour circle discussion 
  • 1.5 hours movement/yoga with built in transition time
  • 30 min guided meditation 
  • 2 hour Creative Play activity
  • 1 hour closing circle discussion
  • 1 hour optional time to socialize or finish up a project.
*Bring your own lunch

Spring Weekend Retreat: RestoreME
Discounts offered for yearly members, and payment plans are available!
This is a full all inclusive weekend (Friday night- Sunday Morning) $525 (Subject to Change). This weekend Women's Retreat is offered each spring. It is a time to Recharge, Connect, Meditate, Reflect, and Create. We incorporate several circle discussions, creative play, yoga and other types of  restorative movement, with a supportive community of women in a serene and beautiful location. All meals and accommodations are included in the weekend price.

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